Fuel habits survey

The GSSI Fuel Habits Survey is a brief assessment of the sports nutrition habits of an athlete for one training session or competition.

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This tool provides sports health professionals with a starting point for conversations with athletes who need to adopt pre-during-post fueling behaviors when a full dietary analysis is not warranted. Use as often as needed to assess various training sessions and competitions.
The survey is scored using an algorithm with point values assigned based on the importance of that nutritional behavior for the level of athlete, time of day, goal, duration & intensity. The results of the survey provide a snapshot of behaviors, with a loss of points indicating areas for improvement.

Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

Advise the athlete to think about ONE training session or competition they would like to evaluate, and answer all questions in relation to that session. After entering background information about the athlete, you will guide the athlete through a series of questions related to their fueling behavior before, during, and after exercise. Upon completion you will receive a score based on the total possible points.